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Three Little Truths thumbnail
Three Little Truths eAudiobook
Eithne Shorthall / Caroline Lennon

On the idyllic Pine Road three women are looking for a fresh start...Martha was a force of nature bu..

Wife after Wife thumbnail
Wife after Wife eAudiobook
Olivia Hayfield / Simon Mattacks

Wealthy devilishly handsome businessman Harry Rose is head of Rose Corporation No. 18 on the Forbes ..

Sister to Sister thumbnail
Sister to Sister eAudiobook
Olivia Hayfield / Jess Nesling

Following the scandalous revelations about his love life Harry Rose is searching for redemption. His..

The Lost Woman thumbnail
The Lost Woman eAudiobook
Gilly Stewart / Trudy Harris

Feisty hard-working Catherine McDonald knows what's best for everyone and tries to make it happen. T..

Star Teacher thumbnail
Star Teacher eAudiobook
Jack Sheffield / Tanya Myers

It's 1985 and as Jack returns for another year as headteacher at Ragley village school some changes ..

The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen thumbnail
The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen eAudiobook
Hendrik Groen / Julia Franklin

Hendrik Groen may be old but he is far from dead and isn't planning to be buried any time soon. Tech..

Secret Agent Mummy thumbnail
Secret Agent Mummy eAudiobook
Steve Cole / Steve Cole

What could be crazier than a 2000-year-old Egyptian mummy detective moving in next door? How about: ..

The Vampire Bewitched thumbnail
The Vampire Bewitched eAudiobook
Pete Johnson / Madeleine Brolly

Marcus isn't an ordinary 13-year-old: he's a half-vampire with incredible special powers. And togeth..

Queen Sardine & Queen Sardine And Princess Persia thumbnail
Queen Sardine & Queen Sardine And Princess Persia eAudiobook
Kate Willis-Crowley / Ashleigh Cheadle

Eight year-old Ivy gets a real shock when a strange cat splash-lands in her bath. The shocks get big..

Jekyll's Mirror thumbnail
Jekyll's Mirror eAudiobook
William Hussey / David Thorpe

Sam is a tortured soul but his darkest hour is yet to come when he's invited to take part in Project..

Little Lost Hedgehog thumbnail
Little Lost Hedgehog eAudiobook
Jill Hucklesby / Victoria Fox

Grace is out in the garden feeding her rabbits when she hears a rustle in the flower bed. What could..

Secret Agent Mummy: The Cleopatra Case thumbnail
Secret Agent Mummy: The Cleopatra Case eAudiobook
Steve Cole / Steve Cole

One boy. One mummy. One mad bad mission. Cleopatra's tomb has never been found - until NOW. And you ..

The Name Of This Book Is Secret thumbnail
The Name Of This Book Is Secret eAudiobook
Pseudonymous Bosch / Eric Meyers

When intrepid investigators Cass and Max-Ernest set out to discover the history of the mysterious Sy..

Cherry Blossom Dreams thumbnail
Cherry Blossom Dreams eAudiobook
Gwyneth Rees / Clare Corbett

Sometimes something happens in your life that changes everything. When Sasha was six her dad died su..

Knitbone Pepper thumbnail
Knitbone Pepper eAudiobook
Claire Barker / Rosie Jones

Knitbone Pepper is a friendly ghost dog haunting the crumbling Starcross Hall with a gaggle of other..