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How do I use uLibrary, and link to How It Works | uLibrary

Is an app available?
Yes. Our App is called uLIBRARY and is available free of charge from Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store. The new uLIBRARY apps run on smartphones and tablets running iOS 11 and above or Android 7 and above. Using-the-uLIBRARY-App.pdf (

How do I log on to the uLIBRARY website?
When you go to the uLIBRARY website given to you by your library, you will need to register, by - Entering your library barcode number - Entering your PIN number provided by your library - Accept the Terms of Use - Your browser will remember these details for the next time you open it.

Why do I have to provide my library barcode number and PIN?
Your library has paid Ulverscroft for the digital content provided within this service. Your library allows its users to download this content free of charge. Your library quite reasonably only wants its own registered users to have access to this content.

Why do I sometimes have to log-on to the uLIBRARY website again?
Copyright dictates that users have to be registered members of their library. The website authenticates the user with their library the first time the website is used. The website will then authenticate users in the background each time the website is launched.

Do I need wi-fi or a data plan to use the website?
You only need a wi-fi connection or use your data plan for: - Logging-on (authentication) - Browsing the titles available on the library site - Listening to the titles via the desktop browser.

Can I listen to audio books or read eBook without wi-fi or data?
When offline, the apps still allow end end users to display their loans and listen/read to eAudiobooks/eBook they have borrowed and downloaded.

How can I change the font used for this website to a more accessible font?
Click the ‘Switch to Dyslexic-friendly font’ near the top left corner of the page to use a dyslexic-friendly font for this website. You can then click ‘Switch to original font’ to change the font back to the original one.

Why can't I see any eBook titles?
This service only displays titles your library has bought from Ulverscroft. If you cannot see any eBooks it means your library has not bought any eBook titles from Ulverscroft.

How do I borrow an eAudiobook title on the uLIBRARY website?
When you click on a title cover image or title line you will see a screen with more details and a synopsis. You will also see the following buttons: - BORROW (to borrow the title and be able to download the files) - PREVIEW (to listen to an audio sample from the book) - SHARE (share using your social media account)

How do I reset the eAudiobooks and eBooks browse screens to show all titles?
By default, the ‘Both’ button is pre-selected on the browser pages to show both eAudio and eBook titles. You can click either the eAudio or eBook buttons to filter the titles as required, and the ‘Both’ button to reset the browse screen to show all formats. The availability of eAudiobooks and eBooks, and the browse screens and search options displayed are dependent on your library’s uLIBRARY package.

How do I listen to an eAudiobook?
On a Windows or Mac OS desktop or laptop computer the end user will be able to listen to a title through an integrated player within the browser. We are no longer able to offer the option of downloading titles on these devices due to contractual obligations

How do I download an eBook when I have borrowed it?
eBooks are automatically downloaded to your uLIBRARY eBook reader once you have installed it on your computer/laptop, so you down’t need to download them yourself. To download the eBook reader, from My Account > Loans, click READ or the book title to go to the eBook download page. From here click on the link to download the ereader for your computer and install as required for your operating system. Our download page will detect if you are using Windows or a Mac on your computer and display the correct download link and instructions accordingly.

How do I read an eBook?
After installing the uLIBRARY eBook reader on your computer, select your library from the drop-down list, and enter the same barcode and PIN your used on the uLIBRARY website and click SIGN-IN. The eBook reader will then display all eBooks currently loaned to you, and just click on the cover image to open the eBook. (Please note, opening the eBook can take a little while as the eBook reader has to perform a number of operations at this point.)

Why are there a maximum number of loans and reserves available?
The maximum number of loans is set by your library and is the same for all registered users of that library. Libraries always have a limit on the number of loans and reserves per user. The app shows how many loans you have out and how many you have available.

How do I change the loan period?
You cannot change the loan period. Your library sets it.

Can I return books early?
Yes. You can return a title before the end of the loan period if your library permits it. The RETURN button becomes active one day after you borrow the title. If you return a title it will increase your loans available by one.

Can I reserve books?
Yes. Users can reserve books that are out on loan. The user will join a waiting list and will be notified by email when the book becomes available.

Can I cancel a title I have on reserve?
Yes. You will see a CANCEL button on the title detail page.

Can I renew or extend the loan period on a book I have downloaded?
You can extend the loan period if your library permits it. The EXTEND button becomes active six days before the loan expires and is available until one day before loan expiry and then only if no other users have placed a hold or reserve on the title.

How do I find out what I have on loan?
Tap the MY ACCOUNT tab. Select the tab MY LOANS. Here you will see a list of titles you have on loan.

How do I find out what titles I have on reserve?
Click on the My Account link. Select the tab Reserves. Here you will see a list of titles you have on reserve. Tapping the cover image will take you to the title details page.

How do I find out what titles I have previously downloaded?
Click on the My Account link. Select the tab History. Here you will see a list of titles you have previously downloaded. Tapping the cover image will take you to the title details page.

Do I have to give my email address?

Why should I give my email address?
Supplying your email address allows you to operate your account more efficiently. It allows uLIBRARY to send automatic email notifications direct to you when: - Your loan period is about to expire - A title you have on reserve becomes available - You will receive information on new titles from us if you have opted-in for this - You will receive notifications from us about any planned maintenance.

Is my email address used for any other purpose?

Can I change or delete my email address?
Yes. You do this with the Settings > Account details tab. Make any changes necessary and click the SAVE button.

How secure are my personal details when using this service?
The only personal data we hold on the user is the email address if the user provides it. We are registered under The Data Protection Act 1988 in UK. We have a legal obligation to protect all personal data we have access to. We do not make email addresses or any personal data supplied to us as part of this application available to any other company whatsoever. Please tap the MORE > LEGALS tab.

What do I do if I forget my barcode number or PIN?
Your barcode is available within Settings > Account details tab. For a reminder of your PIN you will need to contact your library.

How secure is this service?
Our web site is hosted on multiple secure virtual servers. Our service uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all our web pages. However no web site or internet application is guaranteed to be 100% secure, including military grade applications.

I have changed libraries. Why doesn't the uLibrary service let me see titles?
You have to use the Barcode and PIN supplied by your new library. If the uLibrary service doesn't work with the new Barcode and PIN it may be because your new library is not using this service. Please contact your library for further information.

Why is the download speed slower than usual?
Most internet connections share bandwidth with other broadband users. Download speeds are affected by the bandwidth of your internet connection which varies throughout the day. At busy times your download speed may slow down considerably. This is outside of our control. It is worth noting that generally Wi-Fi is slower than a wired connection.

Can I copy my downloaded titles and give to my friends?
No. All titles provided in this service are protected by Copyright Law. Our titles use nonintrusive security technology to help us track any infringement of Copyright Law. Please see our Copyright Information document for more information. This is available in our MORE > LEGALS tab.

How do I search for a title?
There are several ways. Click the Browse link in the main menu to see a selection of titles from some of the genres available through your library. Also, if you hover over the Browse link in the main menu you will see a list of genres and special categories, including Featured, Top Picks, Most Borrowed and Latest Additions, for both eAudiobooks and eBooks. You can click on one of these categories from the drop-down list to see titles in that category. You can also enter search criteria in the search box near the top right hand side of each page. The availability of eAudiobooks and eBooks, and the browse screens and search options displayed are dependent on your library’s uLIBRARY package.

How do I search using the Advanced Search?
Click the ‘Use our Advanced Search’ link below the search box to go to a page where you can enter: - ISBN - TITLE - AUTHOR - NARRATOR - GENRE: click in the box for the drop down menu of available genres - FORMAT: eAudio, eBook or All - AVAILABILITY; click in the box for the drop down menu of available choices The availability of eAudiobooks and eBooks, and the browse screens and search options displayed are dependent on your library’s uLIBRARY package.

How do I change the order titles are displayed?
Click the drop-down list next to the ‘Sort By’ label and click on a sorting option. You can select from Date Added, Author, Narrator or Title.

How do I find help with the website?
If you need assistance using the service then video tutorials are available here. We suggest you ask your library help desk if the Help section does not answer your query. You can email Ulverscroft at for help and you will receive a response within 48 hours. Ulverscroft support is available Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 UK time.

Is there a wish list?
Ulverscroft welcomes suggestions. Please email suggestions to Suggestions will be implemented in future builds if there is sufficient demand and/or it is a good idea!

How do I access titles using a web browser?