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Morning Frost thumbnail
Morning Frost eAudiobook
James Henry / Stephen Thorne

November 5th 1982. It's been one of the worst days of Detective Sergeant Jack Frost's life. He has b..

The Red Road thumbnail
The Red Road eAudiobook
Denise Mina / Cathleen McCarron

31st August 1997. Rose Wilson is 14 but looks 16. Pimped out by her “boyfriend” she has seen mor..

Shadow of the Past (Cutler) thumbnail
Shadow of the Past (Cutler) eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / David Thorpe

Tobias Campion rector of Moreton St Jude is delighted to welcome the widowed Lady Chase as his paris..

Top Secret Twenty-One thumbnail
Top Secret Twenty-One eAudiobook
Janet Evanovich / Lorelei King

The dead ends are turning into dead bodies. Stephanie Plum is getting desperate. She's running out o..

Oblivion thumbnail
Oblivion eAudiobook
Arnaldur Indridason / Seán Barrett

A woman swims in a remote milky-blue lagoon. Steam rises from the water and as it clears a body is r..

Guilty as Sin thumbnail
Guilty as Sin eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / Patricia Gallimore

It's a busy weekend for Lina: she wins a dance competition annoys a valuable client and has to play ..

Tricky Twenty-Two thumbnail
Tricky Twenty-Two eAudiobook
Janet Evanovich / Lorelei King

Stephanie Plum might not be the world's greatest bounty hunter but she knows when she's being played..

Head Start thumbnail
Head Start eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / Patricia Gallimore

Jane Cowan’s abusive ex-husband has always tracked her down whichever town she lives in whichever ..

Head Count thumbnail
Head Count eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / Patricia Gallimore

A head teacher's work is never done especially if like Jane Cowan you're a victim of your own succes..

Quieter Than Killing thumbnail
Quieter Than Killing eAudiobook
Sarah Hilary / Imogen Church

It's winter the nights are dark and freezing and a series of seemingly random assaults is pulling DI..

The Thirst thumbnail
The Thirst eAudiobook
Jo Nesbø / Seán Barrett

There’s a new killer on the streets. A woman is found murdered after an internet date. The marks l..

The Devil's Feast thumbnail
The Devil's Feast eAudiobook
M. J. Carter / Sam Dastor

London 1842. There has been a mysterious and horrible death at the Reform London's newest and grande..

Turbo Twenty-Three thumbnail
Turbo Twenty-Three eAudiobook
Janet Evanovich / Lorelei King

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has been on countless crime scenes but this is definitely a first. Her ..

Fatal Act thumbnail
Fatal Act eAudiobook
Leigh Russell / Lucy Price-Lewis

A glamorous young TV soap star dies in a car crash. Returning for her sixth case Detective Inspector..

The Eight Curious Cases of Inspector Zhang thumbnail
The Eight Curious Cases of Inspector Zhang eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / David Thorpe

Crimes are rare in Singapore but when there's one that has the police baffled it is Inspector Zhang ..