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Skinner's Festival thumbnail
Skinner's Festival eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

Every August thousands of tourists and performers flood into Edinburgh for its famous festival. But ..

The Double Game thumbnail
The Double Game eAudiobook
Dan Fesperman / William Hope

A few years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, spook-turned-novelist Edwin Lemaster reveals to youn..

Dead Water thumbnail
Dead Water eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Kenny Blyth

When the body of journalist Jerry Markham is found in a traditional Shetland boat, young Detective I..

Curfew thumbnail
Curfew eAudiobook
Phil Rickman / Sean Barrett

For four hundred years, the curfew bell has tolled nightly from the church tower of the small countr..

The Corpse On The Court thumbnail
The Corpse On The Court eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Jude's life has been turned upside-down thanks to her new man, Piers Targett, who's keen to get her ..

Rubbernecker thumbnail
Rubbernecker eAudiobook
Belinda Bauer / Tbc

"The dead can't speak to us," Professor Madoc had said. But that was a lie. Sometimes, only an outsi..

Private Games thumbnail
Private Games eAudiobook
James Patterson and Mark Sullivan / Paul Thornley

July, 2012. The Games have arrived in London. But one man has a devastating plan. Having waited year..

The Taste Of Wormwood thumbnail
The Taste Of Wormwood eAudiobook
Keith McCarthy / Sean Barrett

Arthur Meadows has just returned home in his HGV from a long trip to south-west Europe, supposedly b..

Skinner's Rules thumbnail
Skinner's Rules eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

As head of Edinburgh's CID, Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner has seen it all...but even he..

Silent Court thumbnail
Silent Court eAudiobook
M.J. Trow / Andrew Wincott

November, 1583. Desperate not to let the Protestant Low Countries fall into the hands of the Catholi..

Blink Of An Eye thumbnail
Blink Of An Eye eAudiobook
Cath Staincliffe / Julia Franklin

A sunny, Sunday afternoon, a family barbecue, and Naomi Baxter and her boyfriend Alex celebrate good..

Shadows In The Cotswolds thumbnail
Shadows In The Cotswolds eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Caroline Lennon

When Thea Osborne agrees at the last minute to house-sit for Oliver Meadows, she expects a few days ..

Instrument Of Slaughter thumbnail
Instrument Of Slaughter eAudiobook
Edward Marston / Gordon Griffin

1916. Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy are assigned to the case when the body of a young conscie..

Lambs To The Slaughter thumbnail
Lambs To The Slaughter eAudiobook
Sally Spencer / Penelope Freeman

The colliery village of Bellingsworth is already divided over an impending strike, so the last thing..

Classic In The Clouds thumbnail
Classic In The Clouds eAudiobook
Amy Myers / Andrew Wincott

Car detective Jack Colby is asked by the "Mad Major" to find one of the original five cars that took..