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Winds of Eden thumbnail
Winds of Eden eAudiobook
Catrin Collier / Saul Reichlin

Following heavy casualties General Townsend withdraws his exhausted troops to the town of Kut Al Ama..

Scorpion Sunset thumbnail
Scorpion Sunset eAudiobook
Catrin Collier / Peter Noble

1916 Mesopotamia. The Turks order prisoners from the siege of Kut to march the hundreds of miles to ..

Brides of War thumbnail
Brides of War eAudiobook
June Tate / Penelope Freeman

In the aftermath of the Second World War two women leave England for new lives as GI brides. Gracie ..

The Tsar's Dragons thumbnail
The Tsar's Dragons eAudiobook
Catrin Collier / Mark Meadows

When Tsar Alexander II decided to drag Russia into the industrial age he began by inviting Welsh bus..

Silver Linings thumbnail
Silver Linings eAudiobook
Millie Gray / Lesley Mackie

In 1939 the unexpected death of Sandra Anderson dramatically and ruthlessly changes forever the live..

Love Letters in the Sand thumbnail
Love Letters in the Sand eAudiobook
June Francis / Anne Dover

Liverpool 1958: Nursery nurse Irene Miller falls for her friend Peggy's handsome older brother Marty..

A Daughter's Love thumbnail
A Daughter's Love eAudiobook
Catherine King / Anne Dover

Nell Goodman is a good daughter. Her job in the local brewery is the only thing keeping her and her ..

Her Sister's Gift thumbnail
Her Sister's Gift eAudiobook
Isabel Jackson / Lesley Mackie

While her mother is at home giving birth eleven-year-old Isa must look after her younger siblings bu..

More Hopes and Dreams thumbnail
More Hopes and Dreams eAudiobook
Dee Williams / Annie Aldington

In 1950 after her marriage went badly wrong Dolly Taylor returned to Rotherhithe from America. She i..

Princes and Peasants thumbnail
Princes and Peasants eAudiobook
Catrin Collier / Peter Noble

The Tsar's Dragons series follows the epic tale of nineteenth-century industrialist John Hughes who ..

Finding Daisy thumbnail
Finding Daisy eAudiobook
Val Margerison / Anne Dover

January 1936. Sarah a young executive at a Yorkshire mill returns home to attend her grandfather's f..

Meadow Lane thumbnail
Meadow Lane eAudiobook
Maureen Reynolds / Lesley Mackie

It’s January 1955 and for the residents of Meadow Lane a small community of seven terraced houses ..

One Week in August thumbnail
One Week in August eAudiobook
Margaret Thornton / Janine Birkett

August 1955. Janice Butler is working as a waitress at her mother’s Blackpool boardinghouse before..

Born To Dance thumbnail
Born To Dance eAudiobook
June Tate / Annie Aldington

1934. Talented eighteen-year-old dancer Bonny Burton joins the chorus at Southampton's Palace of Var..

The Kellys Of Kelvingrove thumbnail
The Kellys Of Kelvingrove eAudiobook
Margaret Thomson Davis / Emma D'Inverno

With a handsome police officer for a husband and a brand new house in a quiet street bordering Kelvi..