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A New Day thumbnail
A New Day eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington Available 10th July 2024

After a traumatic past life finally seems to be looking up for Hanna Foster. But war is on its way ...

The Forgotten Family thumbnail
The Forgotten Family eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington

Queenie Bonner is only two when she is taken from her large family in the slums to a big house in th..

Natasha's Dream thumbnail
Natasha's Dream eAudiobook
Mary Jane Staples / Penelope Freeman

1925 a damp wintry night in Berlin. Englishman Philip Gibson in Germany to seek the answers to a tan..

Nurse Anna's War thumbnail
Nurse Anna's War eAudiobook
Mary Jane Staples / Annie Aldington Available 13th July 2024

Brussels 1915. A beautiful young Belgian woman Louise is being pursued by the Germans when she meets..

When the Lights Go Down thumbnail
When the Lights Go Down eAudiobook
Pam Evans / Annie Aldington

It is 1938 and the threat of war looms on the streets of London. But when the lights go down in the ..

A Mother's Choice thumbnail
A Mother's Choice eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover Available 3rd July 2024

For ten years Delia has had to fend for herself and her son Jack and as a young unmarried mother lif..

A Liverpool Song thumbnail
A Liverpool Song eAudiobook
Ruth Hamilton / Marlene Sidaway

Andrew Sanderson brilliant surgeon and renowned musician is still grieving the death of his wife Mar..

A Woman of Secrets thumbnail
A Woman of Secrets eAudiobook
Amelia Carr / Nicolette McKenzie Available 27th June 2024

A poignant touching and epic tale of lost love set against the drama and danger of World War Two. 19..

Time Goes By thumbnail
Time Goes By eAudiobook
Margaret Thornton / Penelope Freeman

Kathy Leigh never knew her mother who died many years ago in a freak accident. Raised by her father ..

More Hopes and Dreams thumbnail
More Hopes and Dreams eAudiobook
Dee Williams / Annie Aldington

1950. After her marriage went badly wrong Dolly Taylor returned to Rotherhithe from America. She is ..

Escape by Moonlight thumbnail
Escape by Moonlight eAudiobook
Mary Nichols / Penelope Freeman

Summer 1939. The de Lacey family believe they are ready for the changes the war will bring. Elizabet..

A Child Of Her Time thumbnail
A Child Of Her Time eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Tanya Myers

At twenty-five teacher Phyllis Bird is still living with her parents her brothers lost in the Great ..

Fighting with Shadows thumbnail
Fighting with Shadows eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington

In the aftermath of war Angie Westwood thinks the hard times are behind her. But when her cousin Jan..

The Women of Lilac Street thumbnail
The Women of Lilac Street eAudiobook
Annie Murray / Annie Aldington

Birmingham and the women of Lilac Street have had more than their fair share of troubles . . . Rose ..

A Girl Of Her Time thumbnail
A Girl Of Her Time eAudiobook
Margaret Kaine / Julia Franklin

Maureen Matthews has always been a 'deep one' with her head in the clouds and secrets in her heart. ..