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The Body Lies thumbnail
The Body Lies eAudiobook
Jo Baker / Julie Maisey & Deborah McBride & Sam Woolf & Simon Ludders & Imogen Church Available 26th November 2019

When a young writer accepts a job at a university in the remote countryside, it?s meant to be a fres..

Silent Voices thumbnail
Silent Voices eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Janine Birkett Available 31st October 2019

When DI Vera Stanhope finds the body of a woman in the sauna room of her local gym, she wonders brie..

Short Range thumbnail
Short Range eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

Dan "Spider" Shepherd's career path has always put a strain on his family. So he is far from happy t..

The Scent Of Death thumbnail
The Scent Of Death eAudiobook
Simon Beckett / Jonathan Keeble Available 12th November 2019

Once a busy hospital, St Jude?'s now stands derelict, awaiting demolition. When a partially mummifie..

The Executioner thumbnail
The Executioner eAudiobook
Chris Carter / Thomas Judd Available 14th November 2019

Inside a Los Angeles church lies the blood-soaked body of a priest. The forensic team discover that,..

The Partnership Track thumbnail
The Partnership Track eAudiobook
Michael Ridpath / David Thorpe Available 31st October 2019

It is deep midwinter. Six ambitious vice presidents of Labouchere Associates are gathered together a..

Edge Of Nowhere thumbnail
Edge Of Nowhere eAudiobook
Michael Ridpath / Sean Barrett

Iceland, midwinter: the days are fleeting, the nights endless and Sergeant Magnus Jonson has been se..

The Super Recogniser Of Vik thumbnail
The Super Recogniser Of Vik eAudiobook
Michael Ridpath / Sean Barrett Available 31st October 2019

A super recogniser is someone who is outstanding at remembering faces, and when Magnus is stuck with..

The Twelve Strange Days Of Christmas thumbnail
The Twelve Strange Days Of Christmas eAudiobook
Syd Moore / Julia Barrie

Christmas: a time for family and festivity. Unless you're in Adder's Fork, home of the Essex Witch M..

The Whisper Man thumbnail
The Whisper Man eAudiobook
Alex North / Christopher Ecclestone Available 6th November 2019

Still devastated after the loss of his wife, Tom Kennedy and his young son Jake move to the sleepy v..

Secrets In The Cotswolds thumbnail
Secrets In The Cotswolds eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Caroline Lennon Available 6th November 2019

Thea is tired of having to entertain Drew's children during the summer holidays so she accepts a com..

Curtain Call thumbnail
Curtain Call eAudiobook
Graham Hurley / Julia Franklin Available 31st October 2019

Thirty-nine-year-old Enora Andresson is a successful actress and a woman in her prime. But tests hav..

The Diabolical Club thumbnail
The Diabolical Club eAudiobook
Stevyn Colgan / Rula Lenska Available 5th November 2019

Strange things are going on in Black Dog Wood, near the village of Nasely. There are rumours that it..

The Devil Aspect thumbnail
The Devil Aspect eAudiobook
Craig Russell / Julian Rhind-Tutt

Prague, 1935: Viktor Kosárek, a newly-trained psychiatrist, arrives at the infamous Hrad Orlu Asylu..

Clear My Name thumbnail
Clear My Name eAudiobook
Paula Daly / Kristin Atherton Available 6th November 2019

When Carrie was accused of brutally murdering her husband'?s lover, she denied it. She denied it whe..