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Guilty Wives thumbnail
Guilty Wives eAudiobook
James Patterson and David Ellis / Stephanie Cannon

Only minutes after Abbie Elliot and her three best friends step off a private helicopter, they enter..

Skinner's Mission thumbnail
Skinner's Mission eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

When an Edinburgh car showroom is torched, leaving a charred body among the burnt-out luxury cars, D..

Feud On The Mesa thumbnail
Feud On The Mesa eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

In "Renegades Beat the War Drum", the frontiersman Caleb Dorn, known among the Indians as Silent Out..

The Odds Against Circle L thumbnail
The Odds Against Circle L eAudiobook
Lewis B. Patten / Jeff Harding

Tag Landry's brother meant to kill him, and there was too many on the old home who saw only the pric..

A Treacherous Paradise thumbnail
A Treacherous Paradise eAudiobook
Henning Mankell / Sean Barrett

Cold and poverty define Hanna Renström's childhood in remote northern Sweden, and in 1905, at ninet..

In The Summertime thumbnail
In The Summertime eAudiobook
Judy Astley / Julia Franklin Available 10th February 2020

It's twenty years since Miranda, then sixteen, holidayed in Cornwall and her life changed forever. N..

Stir-Fry thumbnail
Stir-Fry eAudiobook
Emma Donoghue / Caroline Lennon

Seventeen and sure of nothing, Maria has left her parents' small-town grocery for university life in..

Guilt Edged thumbnail
Guilt Edged eAudiobook
Judith Cutler / Diana Bishop

When a middle-aged woman enters Lina Townend's antiques shop wanting to sell a white Beswick china h..

A Spoonful Of Sugar thumbnail
A Spoonful Of Sugar eAudiobook
Brenda Ashford / Nicolette McKenzie

Brenda Ashford is 91 years old and spent 62 years working as a Norland Nanny.Brenda began training a..

Some Unholy War thumbnail
Some Unholy War eAudiobook
Terence Strong / Peter Wickham

Dave Aston is a dead man walking. He was a member of the elite British SAS. Black Ops in Iraq and Af..

The Black Muldoon thumbnail
The Black Muldoon eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

On a stormy night in the title story, "The Black Muldoon", a notorious outlaw shows up at the home o..

Beyond The Rio Grande thumbnail
Beyond The Rio Grande eAudiobook
William MacLeod Raine / Jeff Harding

Jack Hadley crossed the border to kill the renegade, Ranse Brennan. But Hadley picked a dangerous ti..

Private No. 1 Suspect thumbnail
Private No. 1 Suspect eAudiobook
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro / Jeff Harding

Since former US Marine Jack Morgan started Private, it has become the world's most effective investi..

It's Now Or Never thumbnail
It's Now Or Never eAudiobook
Carole Matthews / Julia Franklin

When twins Annie and Lauren attend their older sister Chelsea's 40th birthday party at the Dorcheste..

Skinner's Ordeal thumbnail
Skinner's Ordeal eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 6th February 2020

A plane explodes mid-flight and plunges to disaster from the Scottish skies, the British and America..