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The Night Stalker thumbnail
The Night Stalker eAudiobook
Chris Carter / Thomas Judd Available 11th February 2020

A female body is discovered laid out on a slab in an abandoned butcher's shop. Her body bears no mar..

The Christmas Wish List thumbnail
The Christmas Wish List eAudiobook
Heidi Swain / Karen Cass

After being let go from her job just weeks before Christmas, Hattie is feeling lost. Even more so wh..

The Man I Can't Forget thumbnail
The Man I Can't Forget eAudiobook
Eva Woods / Lucy Brownhill & Charlie Sanderson Available 3rd February 2020

Eve knows what her colleagues had for lunch last April. She remembers everyone who passes through th..

Severed thumbnail
Severed eAudiobook
Peter Laws / Ben Higgins Available 3rd February 2020

During a communion service, the teenage son of a vicar attacks his father with an axe. The horrified..

The Body Lies thumbnail
The Body Lies eAudiobook
Jo Baker / Julie Maisey & Deborah McBride & Sam Woolf & Simon Ludders & Imogen Church Available 6th February 2020

When a young writer accepts a job at a university in the remote countryside, it?s meant to be a fres..

Short Range thumbnail
Short Range eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley Available 10th February 2020

Dan "Spider" Shepherd's career path has always put a strain on his family. So he is far from happy t..

The Mitford Scandal thumbnail
The Mitford Scandal eAudiobook
Jessica Fellowes / Rachel Atkins

1928. After the death of a maid at a glamorous society party, fortune heir Bryan Guinness seizes lif..

The Twelve Strange Days Of Christmas thumbnail
The Twelve Strange Days Of Christmas eAudiobook
Syd Moore / Julia Barrie Available 26th January 2020

Christmas: a time for family and festivity. Unless you're in Adder's Fork, home of the Essex Witch M..

The Professor thumbnail
The Professor eAudiobook
Charlotte Bronte / David Thorpe Available 26th January 2020

The hero of Charlotte Bronte's first novel escapes a dreary clerkship in industrial Yorkshire by tak..

The Killer In The Choir thumbnail
The Killer In The Choir eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Author Available 3rd February 2020

Although she hadn't known Leonard Mallett very well, Carole Seddon feels duty bound to attend her fe..

Poppy's Recipe For Life thumbnail
Poppy's Recipe For Life eAudiobook
Heidi Swain / Karen Cass

Poppy's dreams of a perfect life are finally coming true. After a slight delay thanks to her irrespo..

Boy In The Well thumbnail
Boy In The Well eAudiobook
Douglas Lindsay / Angus King Available 27th January 2020

The body of a young boy is discovered at the bottom of a well that has been sealed for two hundred y..

Conviction thumbnail
Conviction eAudiobook
Denise Mina / Cathleen McCarron Available 4th February 2020

It's just a normal morning for Anna McDonald, until she opens the front door to her best friend, Est..

Changing Lara thumbnail
Changing Lara eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Karen Cass Available 11th February 2020

Lara Perryman has spent her whole life travelling for her busy corporate job, so it's a relief when ..

Shadow Tyrants thumbnail
Shadow Tyrants eAudiobook
Clive Cussler/Boyd Morrison / Jeff Harding Available 28th January 2020

Nearly two thousand years ago, an eastern emperor charged a small group with safeguarding secrets po..