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Whispers of the Dead thumbnail
Whispers of the Dead eAudiobook
Simon Beckett / David Thorpe

In America to escape the violence that nearly killed him forensics expert David Hunter has returned ..

The Glass Room thumbnail
The Glass Room eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Charlie Hardwick

DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily but she has more tolerance for her hippy neighbou..

Blue Shoes and Happiness thumbnail
Blue Shoes and Happiness eAudiobook
Alexander McCall Smith / Hilary Neville

Blue Shoes and Happiness brings more adventures for Precious Ramotswe and her fine assistant Mma Mak..

Revenge in the Cotswolds thumbnail
Revenge in the Cotswolds eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Caroline Lennon

Thea Osborne Cotswold house-sitter with an infamous reputation for getting mixed up in crime is dete..

The Snowman thumbnail
The Snowman eAudiobook
Jo Nesbø / Seán Barrett

The night the first snow falls a young boy wakes to find his mother gone. He walks through the silen..

A Bird in the Hand thumbnail
A Bird in the Hand eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Seán Barrett

Young Tom French was found dead lying in a marsh on the Norfolk coast with his head bashed in and hi..

A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy thumbnail
A Day in the Death of Dorothea Cassidy eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Simon Mattacks

For vicar’s wife Dorothea Cassidy Thursdays were special. Every week she would look forward to the..

Cold Earth thumbnail
Cold Earth eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Kenny Blyth

In the dark days of a Shetland winter torrential rain triggers a landslide that crosses the main Ler..

66° North thumbnail
66° North eAudiobook
Michael Ridpath / Seán Barrett Available 20th December 2023

Iceland 1934: Two boys playing see something they shouldn't have. The consequences will haunt them a..

The Burning thumbnail
The Burning eAudiobook
Jane Casey / Caroline Lennon Penelope Rawlins Paul Thornley

The media call him The Burning Man a brutal murderer who has beaten four young women to death before..

Hard Frost thumbnail
Hard Frost eAudiobook
R.D. Wingfield / Robin Browne Available 19th December 2023

Detective Inspector jack Frost knelt down beside the tiny body. Who did this to you sonny? he asked ..

The Killer in the Choir thumbnail
The Killer in the Choir eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Although she hadn't known Leonard Mallett very well Carole Seddon feels duty bound to attend her fel..

Terror by Gaslight thumbnail
Terror by Gaslight eAudiobook
Edward Taylor / Terry Wale Available 19th December 2023

Victorian London is gripped by fear as a serial killer slays an apparently random victim on Hampstea..

A Cotswold Christmas Mystery thumbnail
A Cotswold Christmas Mystery eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Caroline Lennon

It’s Christmas and things are looking good at the Slocombe house. Thea’s daughter Jessica has co..

Pray for the Dying thumbnail
Pray for the Dying eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

The killing was an expert hit. Three shots through the head as the lights dimmed at a celebrity conc..