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Dance of Death thumbnail
Dance of Death eAudiobook
Edward Marston / Gordon Griffin

London Autumn 1916. When he slips out of a house in the early hours Simon Wilder is too preoccupied ..

A Time of Torment thumbnail
A Time of Torment eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding

Jerome Burnel was once a hero. He intervened to prevent multiple killings and in doing so damned him..

A Parcel for Anna Browne thumbnail
A Parcel for Anna Browne eAudiobook
Miranda Dickinson / Jane Lambert

Anna Browne is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life. Her day job as a receptionist in bustling ..

A Prey to Murder thumbnail
A Prey to Murder eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Seán Barrett

The huge and powerful hawk dominated the scene. Its talons pierced the woman’s flesh and the beak ..

The Twenty-Third Man thumbnail
The Twenty-Third Man eAudiobook
Gladys Mitchell / Patience Tomlinson

Renowned criminologist psychoanalyst and sardonic widow Mrs Bradley is enjoying a relaxing holiday o..

Death at the Opera thumbnail
Death at the Opera eAudiobook
Gladys Mitchell / Patience Tomlinson

Hillmaston School has chosen The Mikado for their next school performance and in recognition of her ..

When Last I Died thumbnail
When Last I Died eAudiobook
Gladys Mitchell / Patience Tomlinson

When Mrs Bradley’s grandson finds an old diary in her rented cottage it attracts the interest of t..

Tom Brown's Body thumbnail
Tom Brown's Body eAudiobook
Gladys Mitchell / Patience Tomlinson

Mrs Bradley is visiting the picturesque village of Spey in search of a book of spells believed to be..

A Christmas Grace thumbnail
A Christmas Grace eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Anne Dover

Emily Radley's Christmas plans are shattered when she learns that her aunt Susannah is dying. Althou..

Secrets in the Cotswolds thumbnail
Secrets in the Cotswolds eAudiobook
Rebecca Tope / Caroline Lennon

Thea is tired of having to entertain Drew's children during the summer holidays so she accepts a com..

London Boulevard thumbnail
London Boulevard eAudiobook
Ken Bruen / David John

When Mitchell is released from prison after serving three years for a vicious attack he doesn't reme..

The Tomb in Turkey thumbnail
The Tomb in Turkey eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Carole Seddon has never enjoyed holidays much. Nevertheless she has allowed herself to be persuaded ..

Joe Country thumbnail
Joe Country eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett

In Slough House memories are stirring all of them bad. Catherine Standish is buying booze again Loui..

Beaky Malone: Worst Ever School Trip thumbnail
Beaky Malone: Worst Ever School Trip eAudiobook
Barry Hutchison / Joe Coen

It's 92 hours since Beaky told a lie. He's survived two full days of school ... but now he and his c..

The Saltmarsh Murders thumbnail
The Saltmarsh Murders eAudiobook
Gladys Mitchell / Gordon Griffin

Noel Wells curate in the sleepy village of Saltmarsh likes to spend his time dancing in the study wi..