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One Week In August thumbnail
One Week In August eAudiobook
Margaret Thornton / Janine Birkett Available 29th August 2019

August, 1955. Janice Butler is working as a waitress at her mother's Blackpool boarding house before..

Learning Curve thumbnail
Learning Curve eAudiobook
Catherine Aird / Gordon Griffin

Much-loved Calleshire research chemist Derek Tridgell has been ill for some time. On his deathbed, h..

Lord James Harrington And The Spring Mystery thumbnail
Lord James Harrington And The Spring Mystery eAudiobook
Lynn Florkiewicz / David Thorpe

It's 1958 and Lord James and his wife Beth are hosting the annual spring fair. Then wealthy recluse,..

A Distant Banner thumbnail
A Distant Banner eAudiobook
Roy Lewis / Gordon Griffin Available 26th August 2019

Henry Jones ought to have been good for something more than working as a scaffolder on a building si..

No Safe Place thumbnail
No Safe Place eAudiobook
Matt Hilton / Peter Noble Available 9th September 2019

Who does Andrew Clayton turn to when his wife has been murdered, his child is in danger, and the pol..

The Shop Girls Of Chapel Street thumbnail
The Shop Girls Of Chapel Street eAudiobook
Jenny Holmes / Janine Birkett Available 6th September 2019

Orphaned young, Violet Wheeler has been brought up by her aunt - but when Winnie dies, she feels she..

Signal For Vengeance thumbnail
Signal For Vengeance eAudiobook
Edward Marston / Nick McArdle

1860, Wimborne, Dorset. Rebecca Tullidge, miserably married to her callous husband, is having an aff..

Striking Murder thumbnail
Striking Murder eAudiobook
A.J. Wright / Gordon Griffin

1893. Wigan is in the grip of a harsh winter and a devastating national miners' strike. Arthur Morri..

The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen thumbnail
The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen eAudiobook
Hendrik Groen / Derek Jacobi Available 30th August 2019

Hendrik Groen may be old, but he is far from dead and isn't planning to be buried any time soon. Tec..

The Last Time We Spoke thumbnail
The Last Time We Spoke eAudiobook
Fiona Sussman / Anne Dover

On the night that Carla Reid plans on celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Kevin and..

Meadow Lane thumbnail
Meadow Lane eAudiobook
Maureen Reynolds / Lesley Mackie Available 31st August 2019

It's January 1955 and for the residents of Meadow Lane, a small community of seven terraced houses, ..

Dead Or Alive thumbnail
Dead Or Alive eAudiobook
Ken McCoy / Peter Noble Available 29th August 2019

Two children are abducted on their way home from school and are still missing after several weeks - ..

Ambulance Girls thumbnail
Ambulance Girls eAudiobook
Deborah Burrows / Penelope Freeman

On duty during London's Blitz... As death and destruction fall from the skies day after day in the L..

The Sea Shell Girl thumbnail
The Sea Shell Girl eAudiobook
Linda Finlay / Penelope Freeman

Seventeen-year-old Merryn Dyer has been helping her mother knit fishermen's jumpers in their little ..

War Orphans thumbnail
War Orphans eAudiobook
Lizzie Lane / Penelope Freeman

Joanna Ryan's father has gone off to war, leaving her in the care of her step-mother, a woman more c..